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Search and Rescue.......a non profit org.

All money made selling our puppies goes to buy dog food and pay vet bills here at our breeding kennel and in Upper Illinois at our training kennel.

Our pups are from trained tracking dogs and are the smartest, largest, and best bred bloodhounds in the world.

Our main goal here at the breeding kennel in Northern Arkansas is to produce the best and most healthiest pups that will fit in with every family. We love large, beautiful, smart puppies, and these puppies only come from smart healthy trained adults.  The smarter the puppy is the more it will fit into your family. There is a lot of bloodhound breeders these days but a pup from Search and Rescue is a pup that you can brag about and the life time guarantee, that you get with your pup, is something we like to brag about to you. 

Since 1974 Search and Rescue has trained bloodhounds to track children. We donate all of our adult dogs as we get them trained. Before those Bloodhounds leave here to work all over the world we pick the largest most beautiful dogs to breed. From these trained dogs we get the largest most beautiful puppies.  The smarts come free.
ON GUARANTEE PAGE    Here you will find info about the life time guarantee and the info about Microchipping.  Search and Rescue is the only group in the world that can offer the life time guarantee that we offer.
Here is where you will find info about the pups we are planning for this year.
This is where we explain as much as we know about shipping puppies.  We ship about 60% of all the pups that we raise these days and that is raising every year.
DEPOSITS ON PUPPIES..    We are not able to refund deposits on puppies as we use all the money we get as soon as we receive it.  The day we receive a deposit we mark your puppy as yours and it is not fair to us or anyone wanting a puppy to be told that the puppy is not available. You send a deposit for the reason of us holding the pup and you promise to pick the pup up or have it shipped in a reasonable time.  You become the owner of the puppy the day we mark the puppy as sold and it's not fair to go back on that deal. We will work with you if there is any reasonable reason why you can't get the puppy but just changing your mind isn't good enough.

Search and Rescue is proud to offer:

Life time guarantee with every puppy sold.
Veterinarian check up with every pup shipped.
All pups are wormed every other week while here.
All shots that can be given will be given before pup leaves here.
Both parents will be here at Search and Rescue when pups are picked up
You will get the sex and color that you are hopping for.
All pups will be fat and sassy when they arrive at your home.
All pups are socialized with people and kids
If you ever have a problem with raising your pup we will take the pup back.


VITAMINS Because of the variety and quality of dog foods available, and all canine illness are not covered by vaccinations, We require that all Search and Rescue puppies be kept on "NuVet Plus Vitamins". This nutritional supplement is only available through breeder recommendation. You will be instructed concerning this when you take possession of your puppy. We will ship a few days worth of this supplement with the pup along with a brochure for you to use to order. If you would like to preorder, the number is 1-800-474-7044 and your order code is #73975. They are open from 8AM to 6PM Pacific time. NuVet labs send us a monthly report on which Search and Rescue dogs are being suplemented. ****** NOTE...THE LIFE TIME GUARANTEE WILL BE NULL AND VOID DEALING WITH BONES AND JOINTS IF YOU DO NOT KEEP YOUR PET ON THIS SUPPLEMENT. ******
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